Frequently asked questions

Every person living in Germany has to register at the Bürgeramt (registration office) within 2 weeks of their arrival in the country. You will receive a registration form from us. Take this form and your ID/passport to the Bürgeramt, where the registration will be finalized. You can go to any Bürgeramt in Berlin. You will need to make an appointment online. At scroll down to Zuständige Behörden and either select a specific Bürgeramt or go to Termin berlinweit suchen und buchen. The second option can be quicker, but the office may be farther away. After inserting your information, you will receive an email with a confirmation number. Bring this number to your appointment because it will be shown on a screen in the waiting area. Also, make sure you are on time, because if your number is called and you are not there, you will have to book a new appointment.
Broadcasting contribution (GEZ)
After completing your registration, you may receive an official letter from the Beitragsservice, asking you to pay 17,50€ per month for the Rundfunkbeitrag. It’s a contribution to the German public broadcasting channels, that every household has to pay. This is for the entire household, so if you share an apartment, you can share the costs with your roommates. It is a legal obligation to pay this fee/tax according to German Law.
The deposit ist he equivalent of one month‘s rent. You will receive your deposit back after leaving the apartment, if the apartment has been used correctly, respectfully, and left clean.
Rent payments
The rent payments are due in the beginning of the month. They must be in our account by the 3rd bank day of each month. Although we prefer bank transfers, we also accept cash payments. We are not able to take payments via credit card, but PayPal is an option (additional fees may occur).
Certificate of rent paid (Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung)
At the end of your contract, you may ask us for a certificate of rent paid. This may be needed to move into a new place.
We do not allow pets in the apartments.
Smoking inside the apartment is prohibited. If your apartment has a balcony, you may smoke there.
In all of our rooms, we provide a bed, a desk and a wardrobe. Also, the apartments are equipped with a washer and kitchen utensils.
Extension of your rent contract
Upon request, you may extend your contract with us. Let us know up until 4 weeks before your contract ends.
You may of course have guests in your apartment. However you are not allowed to let someone move in and live with you long-term without permission.
Everyone in the apartment is responsible to keep the common areas (bathroom, kitchen, hallway) clean. Talk to your roommates, maybe it makes sense to make a cleaning plan. You could use the "cleaning plan" template from our website. If you are not able to keep it reasonably clean, we will have to send a cleaning service at your expense.
End of contract / Moving out
About a month before your contract ends, we will contact you about extending it for another 6 months. If you don't wish to do so, when your contract ends, you will be required to leave your own room and the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, hallway) clean. If this is not the case, we will have to send a cleaning service at your expense. We will also contact you about an appointment to return the keys. Your last day in the apartment is the last day stated in your contract.
Bedding / Sheets / Towels / Cleaning Supplies
Generally, we do not supply bedding, sheets, towels and cleaning supplies.